We don’t have an exit strategy – we have a carrying on strategy

Dave and Celia from Revive! Manchester turned their passion for cars into a profitable business that's generating income now and is a capital asset when they're ready to sell. Now they're planning to step back and enjoy more flexibility, safe in the knowledge they can run their car repair management franchise at arm's length.

Starting out and growing...

Dave and Celia both always had a strong interest in cars. They were one of the first Revive! franchisees, having started their business over 20 years ago in 1998. At the time, the business model was "owner operator", meaning the franchisee ran the business but also repaired cars.

However, Dave also ran an IT consultancy so decided to employ somebody straight away in a managed franchise model, like all our new franchisees do today.

Revive! Manchester now have a core of four vans, which is right for the area they're in but still allows them growth plans for the future.

Running a successful franchise...

In terms of running their business, Dave is mainly responsible for forecasts and marketing, whilst Celia manages the admin and finances which suits their skill sets.

Now that they have the right team, Dave and Celia are able to have more holidays, they have more time and they have more money.

Celia was able to leave behind a "9-to-5" job which means she's also been able to fit work around their children which has made their lives a lot more flexible and a lot more fun!

Where next after 20 years?

Dave and Celia's next step is to get a full management team in place so they can step back and let the business run. As Dave says, "we don’t have an exit strategy – we have a carrying on strategy!"

"We have full and frank discussions! If something needs doing, it always gets done. We may not always agree with each other, but we’ll thrash it out till we get to the point where we need to be. We negotiate and agree, and then I realise that Celia is right!"

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