We could have invested in a house - investing in a business was a better idea

Having chosen to invest in their future rather than a house, Irmina and Michal from Revive! Basingstoke now have a successful car repair management franchise...and their own home. Already proud award winners, they're looking for more success thanks to exceptional support from Revive! and other franchisees.

Investing in opportunity

Michal and Irmina are both incredibly ambitious people. They spent years saving money to buy a house; however they made the big decision that investing in a business would give them the opportunity to do so much more.

Michal was a very skilled repair technician and to be able to do the things he wanted to do, he knew he couldn’t do it working for somebody else. He needed help with running a business, which is where the Revive! franchise support came in.

Getting started and growing...

Both Michal and Irmina wondered where they were going to get customers, how to answer phone calls, how to talk to customers and get more jobs - it was all new territory for them.

However, with support from Revive! Head Office, they were able to quickly win customers to in their first week; some of whom are regular customers who are still with them.

The power of recognition

At our annual conference, Michal and Irmina won the Developer Gold award which is awarded to fast growing, ambitious businesses in the network. The award meant a lot to Michal and Irmina as they felt that all the work and effort they’ve put into their business was recognised.

It made them proud and want to go further with the business.

Looking at all the other franchisees who are doing the same journey, maybe a little more experienced than you, and how well they’re doing and what great businesses they run, that’s really motivating. With their knowledge, you can learn a lot from them. Sometimes you don’t think you can do something, but when you see other people doing it, it makes you think you can do it too. With Revive! what you can get and how you can support yourself and build your future is just... limitless!

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