From employed technician to employing technicians

When they started their family, Dan and Nat of Revive! Trafford were looking for more flexibility in their work without sacrificing time with their kids. They got that and much more, with a thriving car repair management franchise, employing six technicians and building a secure future ahead of them. 

How they got started

In 2007, Dan and Natalie had their first baby on the way. So, with help from their family, they decided to start their own franchise so that Natalie could help run the business from home. Dan was employed as a technician by another Revive! franchisee so already had an insight into the opportunity available.

Neither Dan or Natalie had run a business or gone to university. But they knew how much support they’d get from head office on establishing and growing a successful business.

Family balance

It was that desire to stay at home and have the flexibility around the family that gave Dan and Natalie the inspiration to invest in a franchise.

Natalie’s hours are flexible so when their children were young, she could work when they were having a nap or when they were doing other things at the weekend. Running their Revive! franchise means Dan and Natalie are both able to spend time with their children every morning and every evening.

Bigger and bigger!

Dan and Natalie manage a team of six technicians in total; four SMART repair technicians and two dedicated alloy wheel repair technicians.

They freely admit that it wasn’t their intention to get this big! They wanted a sustainable business that could pay the bills and the mortgage. However, they both quickly saw the opportunity and their business has naturally evolved; the work has come in and they’ve grown and grown.

They both credit the support and encouragement from the support team at Head Office for helping their business grow - they wouldn't have pushed themselves outside their comfort zone without encouragement from head office.

The difference it’s made to their lives

Thanks to their franchise, Dan and Natalie have been able to buy a bigger house right by the school that they wanted their children to go to. They go on the holidays they want to go on, they’ve got a nice car, they live in a nice house in a nice area... financially, they’re happy.

"The franchise has been brilliant for us. The support we’ve had has been really, really good throughout. Going in as two people in their 20s who had no idea what we were doing, we’ve come out as two people in our 40s with a great business!"

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