Next Steps

We understand that starting a business is a big step. You won't find any 'hard sell' from us - good franchising is a partnership between you and us, which is why integrity and honesty are at the heart of our processes.

Becoming a Revive! franchisee is a two-way street, with us both finding out more about each other before proceeding through each step. You can expect open answers to any of your questions, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to conduct due diligence through us and by speaking with existing franchisees on their experiences in the network. The steps to taking ownership of your business include:

Initial enquiry

The first step is to get in touch with us and start the journey of learning more about the business. You'll receive our franchise prospectus and further information via email, which will go into more detail about the business operations and life as a Revive! franchisee.

First call

We'll arrange a call at a time convenient to you so that you can begin exploring the opportunity in depth. You'll get answers to all your initial questions and we'll begin to see if we're a good fit for each other, which is crucial in a successful franchising partnership.

Attend a discovery day

Held at our Head Office in Rugby, a Revive! Discovery Day is a chance for you to find out more about how we operate and what your future with Revive! could look like. For us, it is a chance to get to know you and start to see whether you are a good fit for our network.


The day is devoted to you – our Discovery Days are provided on a one to one basis, you won’t be there with other prospective franchisees, as this is a chance for both you and us to get to know each other better. You are welcome to bring a family member with you and many people come with their spouse to find out more.


The day is hosted by one of our directors and starts with a discussion about our background, values, our aims for the future and how the minor car repair market has changed over the years to offer the great opportunity to build a business with Revive!


You will then visit our nearby unit and see a Revive! van and have a discussion about how the business operates on a mobile basis. You may see a training session in progress as we run regular in-house technical training programmes for our franchisees and their employees.


Returning to Head Office, the day continues with a brief overview from our Service Delivery manager about the Revive! National Account programme and how our Customer Service team support you. A senior member of our Accounts team will talk you through the extensive bookkeeping support we offer, before our IT manager demonstrates the tablet and bespoke Revive! app which has helped to speed up payment, reduce paperwork and enable franchisees to keep track of their sales. To round off this brief look at our award-winning support, we run through the marketing launch campaign aimed at getting your business off to a flying start.


Lunch is provided and this gives you a breather and a chance to ask questions, with two of our directors joining you. After lunch, we go through some financials with a look at a range of profit and loss accounts, as well as discussing how you can purchase your Vauxhall Vivaro van.


There is plenty of time for questions throughout the day, finishing with a look at next steps if both sides want to take things further and our recruitment consultant, Nikki, will follow up with you after the meeting and get your feedback.


This stage focuses on arranging finance, and general due diligence. You will review the Franchise Agreement and contact existing franchise owners.


We also assess you and if we put you through to next stage, we provide details of franchisees for you to contact, followed by a booked call to discuss feedback, answer questions, check aims and objectives, before we make a provisional offer of territory.


If you are ready to proceed, you will pay a deposit and continue with your due diligence, carry out territory research, reviewing the legal contract, looking at your funding requirements. There is plenty of contact with us at this stage as we help you with your research and planning but there won’t be any high pressure sales – we want you to be absolutely ready to buy a franchise with Revive! and comfortable with your decision to move ahead.

Sign Franchise Agreement

Once all your due diligence has been carried out, and you have sorted out your finances, we will both sign the Franchise Agreement. Your training start date will have been agreed and before you know it, you will be on your training and well on your way to becoming a Revive! franchisee. We will be supporting you all the way, as you progress from Trainee to Rookie and beyond on your Franchisee Journey.

Ready to start your journey?